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"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you..."

3 John 1:2a NIV

Olive Tree Acu provides health, beauty, and wellness services within the scope of East Asian Medicine on a mission to extend a branch of peaceful care upon YOU

Pain Management

Cosmetic Services

Internal Medicine

How We Can Help...

Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine help your body's own natural healing and homeostasis mechanisms to optimize. Here's how:

Acupuncture Tools

Immune System

is strengthened

Head Massage

Nervous System

gets regulated

Pouring Massage Oil

Circulatory System

receives support

Wellness Coach

Endocrine System

finds balance

Meet your practitioner...
Maureen (aka Molly)
Thompson, L.Ac
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Cupping Treatment
"I love that Molly is so passionate about the work she offers. You can feel it come through in her treatments!"

-Sharon T.

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